Espionage Gallery Opening

Espionage Gallery Launch. The Espionage Gallery launch was the opening launch exhibition of the gallery space. Featuring 24 artists and over 36 works the opening was a huge success with over 300 people in attendance and 11 works sold the first 10 of which sold in the first 30 minutes.

Artists for the exhibition included 23rd Key (Melbourne), Koleszar (USA), Joshua Smith, Gary Seaman, Chris Edser, Sam Barratt, Timothy Tuppence, Dan Withey, Bri Hammond, Rem, PeachPatrol, Elisa Mazzone, Matt Stuckey, Joel VDK, Kate Gagliardi, James Dean, Ruby Chew, John Engelhardt, Darren Reid, Thom Buchanan, Store, Mr Tomek, Fredrock, Cloak & Dagga.

The exhibition showcased a small sample of everything the gallery will be exhibiting over the course of the year which included Stencil Art, Photography, Illustration, Graffiti, Oil Paintings, Water Colours, Charcoal and Sculpture.