Espionage Gallery Presents: 2 Year Anniversary Exhibition

Group Exhibition

Now its 3rd year of opportunity, Espionage Gallery is set to have its biggest and best year yet. With a incredible lineup for 2013 including Solo Exhibitions by big International names, massive group exhibitions, Festivals and more! Espionage Gallery will be celebrating its 2 year Anniversary by hosting one of its best exhibitions yet. A showcase of what to expect for 2013 the Anniversary exhibition will be one huge art party! Welcome to 2013 people! Its set to be a big one! Opening Night Thursday 24th of January at 6:00pm Over 45+ artists Including: René Campbell, Nicole Tattersall, Caitlin Millard, Rem, Maddy D, Adam Miller, Tiff Rysdale, Petar Prodanovic, Lindsay Bryant, Cameron Brideoake, Marie Larkin, Fletch, Donovan Christie, Katie Johnson, Claire Wee, Sequoia Tsounis, Ali Harmony Brown, Cherie Strong, Jelena V, James Dean, Nic Bic, Alphamanta, Nino Trentinella, Imee Luz, Sally Co Cook, Michael Carney, Elena Maslarov, Backyard Jesus, Alyshia Eming, Polina Knyazeva, Barek, Margaret Lloyd, Michael Duncan, Kate Kowald, Kaitlin Beckett, Sam Tipler, Steve O'Connor, Andrew Humphreys, Dan Mansutti, Gary Seaman, Reb Rowe, Peter Fong, Lilian Choo, Mustachio, No Hoper, Harry Plane, Jenny Allnutt, 23rd Key, Neen Harris, Trent Lambert