Espionage Gallery Presents: Siamese Dream

Elena Maslarov and Jenny Allnutt

An exhibition of paintings by Elena Maslarov and Jenny Allnutt. “Siamese Dream” is a duet exhibition featuring two emerging Adelaide based painters. Jenny and Elena are concerned with storytelling and with the process of painting which manifests itself through tonal realistic portraits. This collaboration of paintings act as a medium between the visible and invisible, the present and the unknown, reveling in ambiguity. Storytelling is at the heart of what drives Elena’s practice. Her works capture the subject’s likeness exquisitely yet also inherently these portraits look beyond the physical and aim at heightening the presence of the sitter. The work draws you in to examine these individuals intimately in portraits that unveil their identities. A fascination with the symbolism of folk mythology and connection to the unconscious mind manifests itself throughout jenny’s oeuvre. Like the female surrealists before her, jenny’s work delves into her own subconscious and these archaic texts, creating idiosyncratic works that become artifacts from an imagined nostalgic past. The visual journey through each artists' work provokes an interior, emotional response creating an unsettling but meaningful presence. Opening Night Thursday November 28, 6pm at Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.