Wisdom & Folly, A Solo Exhibition by James Dean

Wisdom & Folly, A Solo Exhibition by James Dean. The exhibition showcases James’ latest Acrylic & Oil based works.

Opening Night Thursday 29th of November at 6:00pm

Well by golly!
It’s Wisdom and Folly,
You are invited to come with us, and explore these themes wholly,

To follow the plight of the foolish and shrewd,

These walls will be layered, should your thoughts need some food. 

A double face and its notion of tension
Are among the themes we will mention.

We can share with you what it is that we’ve known,
And with any luck we’ll find our meaning has grown.

Painted with the brush, our colours mixed with a knife,
It is through your thoughts that we are given our life,

There are depictions of clowns that may touch a nerve,
So it is our hope that you will keep your verve.

But if it’s too much, then have no fear,
You can visit the bar for a cider or beer.

So if this sparks your intrigue or you like what you see
We’ll meet you there at Espionage gallery!

And just so it’s fresh, so that you can remember,
The opening night is the 29th of November.

But if you don’t make it, we feel your pain,
To the 12th of December the show will remain.
See you there…