Save Espionage Exhibition

Group Exhibition

Espionage Gallery needs your help! Due to the rising costs of rent and maintenance bills the gallery is facing the threat of closure. To counteract, we're aiming to raise $7000 through a Pozible campaign. For those of you who don't know, Pozible is a crowd funding website that helps raise money for creative projects - but unless the full amount of the campaign goal is met, the project won't receive its funding. More details about Pozible can be found here: The money raised from our campaign will assist with ongoing maintenance costs, as well as opening a small shop in the gallery to stock books, t-shirts, vinyl toys, jewellery and artist prints. A great number of local and interstate artists have donated works for the exhibition with great prices starting from as little as $50! There will also be an exhibition to mark the launch of the Pozible campaign. On the night our bar will be fully stocked and ready to meet your drinking needs, while Espionage volunteers will be available to help you with purchasing artwork, making donations via Pozible and also selling tickets for a mini raffle to be drawn later on that night. For those of you who cannot make it to the exhibition opening night, a catalogue of artworks will be posted the next day in the 'Update' section of our Pozible campaign. If any pique your interest, just contact the Gallery to purchase them. The main benefit of our Pozible exhibition opening night is that you'll get first pick of all of the artworks. This means you can personally choose your donation prize! It's also a great chance to pay in cash and secure your purchase immediately, meaning you'll receive your prize whether or not our campaign reaches its goal. Espionage has some great shows and exciting plans for the future, but none of it can happen without your help! So please, come along and check out our show, donate to our cause and support one of the key galleries in Adelaide’s thriving creative scene.